Kristen Fecker Peroni

Kristen Fecker Peroni

Amalgamate 2006-2007


This body of work dissects the camera’s most basic qualities and at the same time asks the viewer what defines the photograph medium. I began this work asking the following questions: If the camera is a tool that records light, is it really possible to use it to create nonrepresentational images simply made up of formal elements? Can we as the viewer accept the image as nonrepresentational, or does the sheer knowledge of the camera’s role ask that we try and define a subject in order to accept that it is a photograph?

With the removal of anything representational, I have opened the door to begin to capture fleeting moments. The lens is a tool to extend my senses and improve my ability to communicate the space, time, feeling, and overall sense of a moment. Shifts in color become emblematic of space and passing time. Emotions are translated through a chosen palette, individual to each piece. Forms, no longer representations of the recognizable, are often nonexistent or indistinguishable. Like memory, each piece represents something fleeting that can’t be defined or explained with the use of a clear subject. The addition of wax to the prints adds another layer that appeals to our senses and allows the work to float somewhere between mediums.

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